Due to the nature of Iowa High School softball and the timing of its season, we wanted to set out a more clearly defined set of expectations and limitations for players and teams that were going to be participating with their High School Squad in competitions.



There are some teams that play as club teams the entire season.  There are some that participate as a High School squad for their entire season.  Primarily, we see girls that play with both in different events, based on the schedule of their High School squad.  These rules are meant to augment and provide a framework for how players can participate with both groups during the season.

  1. HS teams must be registered through USSSA.com.  When completing this registration, please place the HS designation at the end of the team name.

  2. HS teams will NOT place anyone on their online roster.

  3. HS teams will complete a form that will include all players and their birthdates onto the roster.  CLICK HERE to download the form.  

  4. HS teams will not be allowed to participate in C division.  You must participate in the Open division at the highest aged player on your team.

  1. This form must be submitted to Kelly Angus at kelly.angus@usssa.com prior to any competition.  Without this form being submitted, you will not play.  

  2. All players MUST be from the same High School.

  3. If you have multiple teams for your High School, you will be required to submit a complete roster each week.  Players must be listed as to which team they will participate on.

  4. Players are NOT allowed to play for more than one team on a given weekend, you will not be allowed to shuffle players back and forth.