2017-2018 Season 10C Modified Division

Beginning with the Fall 2017 season, Iowa USSSA will be offering what is called our 10C Modified Division.

This division is designed to bridge the gap between the 10C and 10U level. With the modifications made in the 10C program to make the game more comprehensive and competitive, a gap has occurred between these levels.

What this division will allow is for teams that are at the 10C Level to play by a set of rules that is more in line with the 10U rules. This will allow for a smoother transition to this next level.

Here are the two sets of rules and the differences for the Modified events:


10 & Under C Modified Rules Section

1. There will be an expanded strike zone in place for 10U.

2. No Infield Fly Rule 3. All other C Rules will still be in effect from above (5 Runs Per Half-Inning, Roster batting, etc.)

Rules differences from 10C Traditional:

1. In Modified: 3 Outfielders will be used, not 4

2. In Modified: Batter MAY advance on dropped 3rd strike

3. In Modified: Players MAY advance more than one base per pitch not put in play.

3. In Modified: Stealing home is allowed.


10 & Under C Traditional Rules Section

1. On defense, 4 outfielders may be employed.

2. There will be an expanded strike zone in place for 10U.

3. For 10U, players may only advance one base per pitch on a ball not put in play by contact.

4. Batters may not advance on a dropped 3rd strike.

5. No Infield Fly Rule 6. THERE IS NO STEALING HOME. There are only 4 ways to score:

  1. Bases loaded walk.

  2. Bases loaded HBP.

  3. Batted ball in play.

  4. Ball entering Dead Ball Area

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