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For the 2021 season, we will be implementing some entry guidelines to help keep teams playing where they need to be.
These guidelines work as follows:

Qualifier Tournaments
For C Tournaments, ONLY C registered teams may enter.  

  • Teams may NOT play up an age to an older C Class event.  Example: 10B cannot play 12C.

  • Odd age open teams can be classified as C teams if they wish to participate in C events (see below). 

9 & Under/11 & Under/13 & Under
For 9 & Under, 11 & Under, and 13 & Under teams registered as OPEN will not be allowed to enter C Class tournaments.  For teams that wish to participate in 10C/12C/14C tournaments, we need their classification to be 9 & Under C/11 & Under C/13 & Under C.

What this will basically create is a system that teams that are not C cannot participate in C events.